A bold subject for a marketing and branding blog, yes, but make no mistake – The Paulson Collective is no traditional marketing agency.

Like the name suggests, the concept on which we are founded is simple: Assess what resources are necessary for a given project and assign talented, innovative professionals specific to the needs of the project. The Paulson Collective’s founder, Erin Paulson, believes that there’s no reason to waste time or money when it comes to getting a job done.

In this age of uncertain economics and the need for more direct messaging, why pay someone for work you don’t want? A better question: Why pay for the overhead of a marketing firm when you could have a unique and capable team handcrafted specially for your project or company?

Most of the collaborators that The Collective works with come from marketing and creative agencies, and know well the pros and cons of the traditional agency model. If an agency is poorly managed, or if the account leads are spread too thin, or if there simply isn’t enough work to go around, the hours spent on a given project can skyrocket, often putting the unnecessary costs on the client.

We maintain that all organizations are seeking outstanding creative and highly-targeted strategic messaging for a fair price. That’s why we believe a collaborative approach to marketing efforts is the best way to deliver stellar work, efficiently and cost effectively.

Contact us today to get started. We can help you establish your company’s goals, and then build you a lean and productive team to get the work done.