How many of you have an item that you use regularly that has a logo on it? Perhaps athletic wear with a consumer brand logo? Or coffee cups from your company’s annual meeting last year? I personally use items from my days at Teradata with logos on them, particularly a cooler and a beach towel on these hot summer days. And my 11 year old son seems to not want to leave the house unless he is wearing something with a Nike or Lebron logo on it.

Whatever you may own with a logo, branded promotional items are powerful. Here are five facts from the PPAI to prove that promotional products work:

1. 83% of consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message.

2. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser.

3. More than half (58%) of consumers keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years.

4. 89% of consumers can recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the last 24 months.

5. Promotional products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.

Many businesses many not realize that promotional products can really help with the branding of your company and can be a great complement to your marketing activities. Promotional merchandise, branded with your company name and/or logo should be considered an investment and part of an annual budget. They are not only for companies that attend trade shows, even though that might be what they are best known for.  Giving promotional gifts to your current and potential customers will support your branding efforts, improve their opinion of your company, help them remember your products or services,  and can be less expensive and more effective than other forms of advertising and marketing.

I also am an advocate for supplying your employees with branded items. In essence, every employee is an ambassador for your company and brand. They can collectively play a major role in spreading the word about who your company is and what you offer.

At The Paulson Collective, we recently began to offer brand promotion with a significant variety of options. We chose to do this since we have been integral in redefining the brands of some of our clients, and felt that this gave everyone involved an extended option for brand promotion. I encourage you to consider promotional products within your marketing mix, and feel free to contact us if you would ever like to know more about how we could help.