I have been an active member of Twitter for some time now (@erinpaulson1, for anyone interested), and I think that we are past the dialogue of understanding its value in B2B marketing. Case in point:


Based on my experiences and various sources of social media information (MarketingProfs and BtoB Online), I give you the following guidelines for being a participant on Twitter.

  1. Content Sources for Twitter – Try not to overthink it. Remember that you only have 140 characters to work with, so updates should be direct and to the point:
  • Events and company news
  • Ask questions related to target industries
  • State facts from white papers or other materials and link to microsite
  • Refer to blog posts
  1. Twitter Etiquette and Best Practices:
  • Share photos and behind-the-scenes info about your business. Even better, give a glimpse of developing projects and events. Users come to Twitter to get and share the latest information.
  • Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand and products.
  • Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening.
  • Respond to compliments and feedback in real time.
  • Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.
  • Demonstrate wider leadership and know-how. Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.
  • Champion your stakeholders. Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.
  • Establish the right voice. Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you tweet. How do you want your business to appear to the Twitter community?

For those of you that are not on Twitter, I encourage you to give it a try. You can sit back and watch for a while before jumping into the conversation, and my bet is that you will be surprised by the information that you can learn about, and the online connections to be made. And even though we are in a digital world, remember that we are all still just people, communicating with other people. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and be yourself.