Erin Paulson bio pic

The Paulson Collective is led by Founding Principal, Erin Paulson.

About Erin Paulson

Business strategy and market positioning can be intimidating concepts to grasp and apply. Erin Paulson believes there is no business problem a great plan cannot overcome; trust her with yours and be assured your brand will be elevated to new strategic heights, introducing your business to opportunities and solutions previously inaccessible or unknown.

Erin earned her reputation as an expert in marketing, business development, strategic planning and creative platforming during her 15+ years in marketing and management roles in agency and world-class corporate environments. As Director of Strategic Marketing at TriComB2B, a leading business-to-business marketing agency, Erin led the strategic marketing initiatives for the agency and its clients. She also provided the main content for the agency’s B2B marketing architecture, which now guides how the agency is presented to existing and potential clients. In previous roles at Teradata Corporation and NCR Corporation, Erin was responsible for overseeing marketing strategies, sales programs, user groups, communication efforts and project management. Erin is a graduate of the University of Dayton, where she also received her MBA in 2002. Erin draws upon all of this experience and puts it to work for her clients at The Paulson Collective, tracking every detail of your plan while keeping a watchful eye on the big picture.

Why a Marketing Collective?

Yesterday’s dated agency model of one full time staff working on all projects is impractical in our dynamic business landscape. Something new will always come along, and there is constant change in the marketing mix. For this reason, The Paulson Collective offers a more modern format, assigning each client its own unique team, hand-picked based on each member’s talents and experience relative to the client’s distinct needs. This collaboration ensures the best minds and talents are involved with a project, executing the most efficient and effective work. Utilizing a wide group of partners and freelancers who work as a seamless team allows The Paulson Collective to bring new ideas and specific areas of expertise to generate distinctive work for clients.

The preferred partner for all data visualization needs – to include graphic design, infographics, video and animation – is ruefand our preferred partner for brand strategy is Deborah LiBrandi of Ballyhoo Public Relations.