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Yesterday’s dated agency model of one full-time staff working on all projects is impractical in our dynamic business landscape. Something new will always come along, and there is constant change in the marketing mix. For this reason, The Paulson Collective offers a more modern format, assigning each client its own unique team, hand-picked based on each member’s talents and experience relative to the client’s distinct needs. This collaboration ensures the best minds and talents are involved with a project, executing the most efficient and effective work. Utilizing a wide group of partners and freelancers who work as a seamless team allows The Paulson Collective to bring new ideas and specific areas of expertise to generate distinctive work for clients.

Our Process

How we help businesses strategically navigate today’s marketing landscape.

1. We learn quickly about your company.

From large corporations to private small firms, we hit the ground and become internal experts/advisers about your business.

2. We analyze your competition. From top to bottom.

We research industry trends and review and compare your business against the competition.

3. We intelligently advise how you should to go market.

We operate as marketing generalists, with comprehensive knowledge of the most effective go-to-market tactics for 2015 and beyond.

4. We create customized marketing plans.

We will answer the strategic questions with thought, research, and data, creating the best opportunities to build a targeted marketing and communications plan.

5. And we can execute all of the plans — organically, strategically, cost effectively — through a collaborative model.

We assign the right individuals or teams to each specific project — people who are experts in their respective fields.

Your Business Goals

The business to business environment is an area of expertise for The Paulson Collective. We offer an innate understanding of how businesses should sell to other businesses, all culminating from extensive exposure to professional selling. Based upon a background in both corporate and agency environments, Erin Paulson, founding principal, has learned the wide array of strategic needs that exist for small, medium or large businesses. These business goals may include:

  • Lead Generation

  • Product Launch

  • Thought Leadership

  • Business Development and Growth

  • Market Awareness

  • Client Retention

Questions to Consider:

We will ask challenging questions as to how marketing efforts will support your business needs. Looking at the competition is key.
Effective marketing and communication efforts need to be aligned with your strategic priorities.
We help you locate your target audiences in specific industries. Your customers will only find you if you’re in their world.

Our Services


Strategy and Research

Competitor Audits

Marketing Planning & Management


Messaging & Buyer Personas

Trade Shows & Events

Marketing Analytics


Blog Programs

Case Studies & Articles

Sales Support Materials

Proofing & Editing Services

Public Relations

Social Media Management



Website Development

Graphic Design



2D & 3D Animation

Motion Graphics

3D Landscapes

Our Results

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Our Proof

The expertise that Erin and the Paulson Collective bring in regards to content writing, creative development, video creation and consumer & competitive profiling has had a dramatic effect on the success of our initiatives.

Within first 60 days of launching our first online engagement tool, the sales team achieved a benchmark email campaign open rate of +58% with an average of website visit of 8 ½ minutes. I highly recommend Erin [Paulson] to anyone who is looking for a highly-motivated, result-oriented strategic partner who can work collaboratively in transforming the strategic approach of an organization.”

David McGlynn, VP of Business Innovation & Global Marketing, Planes Companies

Erin is a top-notch strategic marketer. She understands how sales and marketing strategy must align to support the strategic initiatives of an organization. Her execution is flawless and it’s a pleasure to work with her.
Maureen Blanford, B2B Complex Sales, Full Stack Marketing Evangelist
Erin Paulson has brought strong insights, tactics, and ideas to our marketing group. Her knowledge and experience in B2B marketing allows her to easily acclimate herself to any company and situation. Not only is she a vital asset to our marketing efforts but Erin is also a pleasure to work with and know. She is warm and encouraging to all her clients and can handle a variety of tasks.
Amy Appelman, Marketing Coordinator, STOBER Drives Inc.

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